Elarica Gallacher stars in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Elarica Gallacher rocks the Fro, British Model/ actress. She stars at the beginning of Harry Potter, as a flirty waitress.

Natural Hair with netural Hair Band

Afro Blow Out

Natural 3c Hair

Afro Sculptured Updo

Curly Fro


Natural Miss AFROspiration of the Month: Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel

Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel(Born 1989 in Southend on Sea) is an English actress best known for her role in the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as Sasha Valentine which she been playing since 2006. She also played Nala in the West End production of The Lion King alongside Pippa Bennett-Warner and Dominique Moore.

Fresh faced, natural, and textured curls we love they way she constantly rocks it, she flaunts it so confidently. She chooses many different styles such as half head cornrows, full out afro, defined curls, roller-set hair curly results hair and slicked out fronts with middle or side partings. She plays alot with her spiral curls quite thick 3c hair hardly ever straightening it, appearing like a miss afro diva she truly is an inspiring black celebrity actress for us naturals. Take note!



Thecoilreview.com: Brand New Naturals Hair Site

http://thecoilreview.com/ ***** 5/5 - The niche market and real

Finally a really professional hair site for naturals! Miss says a long time coming. It is an online type magzine site, were they post blogs you can comment, interact with the site as well as upload your own afro pics. Alot more to come from this site... Have a look at this natural enpowering website with advice, hints and tips, AFROspirations and blogs on locs to kinks, romance, socializing and much much more...

Lupita Nyong'o @ Mtv Awards