The Shaven Head it's nothing new!

Solange Knowles currently critized for copying likes of Amber Rose shaven head trend apprently a desperate cry for attention

Solange crying for attention? Solange was simply caught on her hey days, those glasses do her no justice either. This shaven head look is very old, and has been used by several women all over the world. Especially within Africa where this is the most common style for many young girls, as it is a moderation for schools for girls since the 1960's to have cropped short hair. We also see many women for years doing the B/C the Big Chop due to no longer wanting to use chemicals within their hair. Not only this but there are women who simply love it low cut, here are examples of our girls...Amber Rose (glamour model) with blonde dyed shaven

Alek Wek (model) with full head shaven

Kaone Kario (model)

Ajuma Nasanyana (model) low cut

Stars following 08/09 trend part shaven head

Kelis shaven mohawk

Amelle Berrabah from Sugababes part shaven

Cassie half Shaven

Jack Davey Member sides shaven as mohawk

Nina Sky Girl sides and back shaven

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