CELEB STYLE: Suited and Booted

Janet Jackson - Flared trouser suit with tight shaped blazer and tie
Janet Jackson with her textured cropped hair was spotted working a black suit and tie. As you know the tuxedo jacket is a hot trend for 2011 and we have seen quite a few stars rocking the suit and tie look in 2010.
Janelle Monae's signature style - The trouser suit

Teyanna Taylor - Cropped  Tux, tight trousers and big bow tie

Dress Like Taylor... 

Polka Dot Bow Tie
Jersey Cropped Jacket Blazer
Tailored Silk Trousers



  1. I love this look! Not everyone can pull it off though, including myself for some reason :(

  2. I guess it is just a bit of playful fun when they dress like this maybe for fancy dress parties perhaps?



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