DIY: Afro Blow Out Technique Tutorial

GMA does not encourage heat on the regular, however there are times when you just need a break from all that tough combing of the hair...also you will love to show off how long your hair is growing at times. The Afro Blow Out is a great technique to have eaiser styling, you can blow out the hair as with a cold setting as well as a warmer setting as well as spend mintues to an hour depends on how straight you want the outcome.

1. The Heat Protector

Kera Care Silken Seal

Seals the cuticles, reduces damage from thermal styling, makes her soft, shiny and detangled...downfall is it's expensive although esstential to have if your ever blow dry your hair. (MotownGirl)

2. Wahl Afro Powerpik Hairdryer

Wahl Afro PowerPik

This product GMA has used thy self, and finds this a worthy product to use perfect for the afro blow out.

Blow Out Tutorial shown by youtubers!

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