Wild Out big Sexy Hair this Winter!!!

Source: istockphoto.com
Wild Out winter's party hair! Sexy Hair-raising Wild, bushy and big!

We wanna leave 2009 with a big band err we mean bang! What better way than letting your hair down and out. Whatever length your hair is from Solange's short cut or Mid length kinks... big statement hair is the best way to start 2010! Happy new year!!!

For Short hair (Rock Out)

Use hair ornaments such as jewels and bows they are a real bold statement for this years party season!

Forever21, Exotic Peacock Hair Clip, $4.80
Deepa Gurnani, Crystal and feather hairband, £55

Topshop, Bunny Ears Headband, £18

For Mid length to longer hair (Wild Out)

Go for the Afro Blow Out technique, you could spray in a little hair glitter to give your fro a sparkle! Or try a hair raising look with a super high quiff style!

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