How to care for hair when wearing braids and weaves

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with weaves, sometimes you do need a break from your own hair. However used incorrectly or excessively it can cause severe hair loss. Hair loss can be reversed, and grow back healthily if caught in time.

  • Avoid tight tension which can lead to inflammation and scarring.
  • Never keep a weave or braids in for more than two months
  • Have breaks in between - never ever put chemicals straight in after taking out your weave let it breathe and repair for at least a week.
  • If your weave is glued in make sure you use bond remover.
  • Use light scalp oils instead of petroleum based products to prevent build up


According to essence magazine, they advice women to get it professionally done women such as Beyonce and Tyra Banks have all the money in the world to get their tresses done correctly. "Lace fronts heavy hairpieces glued to the fragile hairline aren't intended to be worn for more than a few hours, much less days and nights on end." Quite disturbing knowing that from research afro kinky hair can be the most fragile of all hair types because of lack of moisture.


  1. i totally agree with you 100% from my own experience I know this to be true. I currently know that I want to wear alot of wigs so I am all natural and what I do is every week-2 weeks I oil really good(with growth oil) then I wash condition and oil again and braid my hair underneath wig, dont sleep with it on. But thank you for the blog!!!


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