Just because I'm natural doesn't mean...

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Just because I'm natural doesn't mean...
...I should always rock my Afro out
According to the natural haven in the past African women managed with the Afro by braiding the hair. You need to find a balance, your hair needs a break from manipulating, combing and heat damage. Especially if your a busy girl you need to Take beautiful Solange Knowles for example, she is natural at the mo however she is rocking a beautiful shoulder length kinky weave/ wig. However remember to keep in weaves or extensions in for no more than a couple of weeks, take breaks in between and use light oils to moisture.

...My hair is healthy and strong
Afro hair especially type 4 which is also known to be the most fragile because it lacks moisture, why? Oil that comes secretes from the scalp cannot roll down type 4 hair ( z pattern) as much as straight hair. So if your natural you still need to keep it strong...
  • When combing start from the ends and work your way to the roots to avoid breakage
  • Avoid using tense, tight hairstyles all the time including Afro puffs, weaves etc
  • Drink water and have a good balance diet
  • Plaits are a great way to lock in moisture, keep hair soft and avoid daily manipulation (My mum always told me that)
...I don't have to maintain and have a regime
You actually need a lot of time and patience, especially when you do your own hair. At least everyday it needs moisturizer like our skin, it needs regular treatments, . Because every inspiring Afro miss puts maintenance and effort into their manes. TBH it may seem like the obvious but it took me a while to learn that about my hair. 

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